A Day full of Fun, Pleasures, Calm, Relaxation, Joyfulness & Adventures…

Joygaon offers a comprehensive corporate picnic experience, combining endless fun, delicious food, entertainment, and team-building activities. We provide a glimpse into ethnic village culture with activities, mini water park, swimming pool, wholesome food, traditional dance, music, as well as modern indoor and outdoor games.

Our offerings encompass 90+ picnic activities and a range of delectable dishes. Additionally, we provide the option for overnight stays with picnic facilities. Joygaon ensures that your team can enjoy an all-inclusive experience filled with enjoyment, cultural exposure, and a variety of activities, making it an ideal destination for your corporate outings and team-building events. At Joygaon Picnic Park we have a conference hall with the capacity of 250 people.

Events which corporates can plan at Joygaon Picnic Park

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