School Picnic

9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Experience the memories that will last a lifetime

We at Joygaon are delighted to offer a complete package of school picnic for your student & Teachers, experiencing Indian Village Lifestyle with Unlimited Food, Fun, and Entertainment along with learning.

Joygaon is spread over an area of 12 Acres of safe and secure land surrounded by lush green agricultural land having covered Dining Area, Indoor-Outdoor games, Shooting Range, Adventure Park, Kids Zone, Mini Water Park, Swimming Pool, Water Zorbing, Mud Bath, Tube well Bath, Rain Dance, Mehendi, Small Zoo, Inflatable Games, Tractor ride, Family Train, Camel ride, Columbus, Caterpillar, Group activities, Camel Cart Ride, 360 degree cycle, air cycle, Zip line and 7D Theatre.

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