1. Right of Admission is reserved.

2. Entry to the Hotel Rooms, Picnic Park & Tennis Academy is allowed only after proper registration formalities & after making all the payments (It is Non-Refundable once you have checked-in). If the bill for any extra services is raised, it should be cleared when presented.

3. Timings: Day outing/Picnic: 9.30 AM – 5.00 PM

4. Rooms/Accommodation

  • Check-In: 12 Noon
  • Check Out: 11.00 AM

You are requested to carry one photo ID, with address proof during the visit.

Meals (Buffet): During Day Outing/Picnic Timing will be strictly followed as

  • Breakfast (9.30 AM – 11.00 AM):
  • Lunch (1.30 PM – 3.30 PM):
  • Gramin Rasoi (10.00 AM – 3.30 PM)
  • Snacks (10.00 Am- 5.00 PM).

No guest will be entertained after the allotted timing for the above-said meals.

5. Stag entry is not allowed for Picnic Park.

6. The prior group bookings are accepted for families, corporate, schools, and colleges through proper channels.

7. The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited inside the Joygaon Picnic Park, if found, you will be asked to leave the premises immediately.

8. Smoking is allowed only in the separate smoking zone. It is strictly prohibited anywhere else.

9. No offensive behaviour shall be permitted within the premises. If found so, you will be asked to leave the Place immediately.

10. We have a proper visitor’s parking area which is free of cost at the owner’s risk. No vehicle will be allowed beyond the parking area.

11.Drivers and transportation staff is not allowed inside the Joygaon picnic premises. They will be provided with a separate area for relaxing, dining and toilets, etc. If you want them to enter the Joygaon picnic premises, the Adult tickets asper actual will be charged for the Day Picnic.

12. Pets are not allowed inside the premises.

13. Arms/Weapons are not allowed inside the premises.


14. First Aid facility is available with us, or in case of emergency, we have the arrangement with Local Hospital/Medical Aid.

15. We do not allow outside foods, eatables, or any kind of Drinks. Only Infant Foods are allowed.

16. You are not allowed to bring the equipment for games and sports. We will provide the same (Related to games and sports available at Joygaon)

17. You are responsible for your belongings. We shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.

18. It is advisable to dress up in casuals/sports shoes to enjoy the rides and activities comfortably.

19. If you wish to enjoy Mud Bath / Tube Well Bath / Rain Dance please bring extra clothes, Swimming Costumes, Towel & Soap (Underwear is not permitted).

20. Please do not point Air Guns, Arrows, Gulels, or Darts at each other or animals. You are not supposed to remove them from their respective venues.

21.Guests are strictly warned and are not permitted to Operate any Machines, Train, Caterpillar, Carts, Tractor Ride, or any other types of equipment if anybody found doing so will be liable for the damages or consequences as a result of the same.

22. Guests are supposed to do the activities under the guidance and instructions of Joygaon’s coordinator or attendant at the activities/games/rides.

23. Please do not enter adjoining fields as they are privately owned. Consumption of alcohol or obscenity in any form will evoke strong objection by neighbors and the local community.

24. Wrist Bands and Tickets are non-transferable and must retain by guests until they leave the park.

25. Certain activities are subject to Guest’s Age, Height, Weight, considering medically related restrictions. Please consult & follow the instructions of the coordinator before riding. Kindly cooperate with the Joygaon operation staff with the same.

26.Please exercise caution around the activities inside the park.

27.It may be possible, that one or more activities may not be operational for reasons beyond our control. Kindly bear with us and Enjoy the rest of the activities.

28.It has been our continuous mission/ efforts to keep our guests safe, for that we take utmost care and precautions. Even then if some accidents/mishap happens to guests inside the premises, the management shall not be responsible.We shall not be responsible for any accident/mishap caused by any means be it by electrical gadgets, fire, mechanical appliances, amusement rides, animal ride, or by natural cause including the act of God, resulting in either loss or damage to guest and / their property.

29.We request your patience listening to our Coordinators / Attendant for following their instructions during rides and activities. They speak in Hindi but with a rural accent typical of the area.

30.We also request our Guest to help us in maintaining the Joygaon Premises neat and clean.Kindly cooperate with us.