Alpenliebe Candy, Is a popular candy in India that most of us grew up with. In fact, it was the go-to candy for our birthday celebrations in school because everyone loved it! Recently, the Alpenliebe Candy Maker Company visited Joygaon Picnic Park for their annual picnic and long service award celebration. It was a sweet occasion for Joygaon that we’ll never forget.

They started their day with breakfast at Joygaon, where they enjoyed all the adventure activities alongside their colleagues and family members. This annual picnic is a tradition, which is why they always bring their families. After breakfast, they began the award ceremony at Joygaon’s OT area, which had a good sitting area with sound and mic. The best part was when children watched their loved ones receive long service awards from their seniors. It was a proud and educational moment for the families. Everyone had a great time.

we provided our best service to Perfetti on their annual picnic. Maybe it will become a tradition for Alpenliebe Candy Maker Company to celebrate their special occasions at Joygaon Picnic Park!

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Perfetti is the company behind all these delicious toffees that we all love – Alpenliebe, Centerfruit, Juzt Jelly, Mentos, Chupa Chups, and Fruit Tella – all available under one roof.

Thank you for choosing Joygaon Picnic Park for your special day!

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